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Decision on paper applications

We are actually in the reviewing process. You should get an email notification if your paper was accepted or not on 30 March latest. Due to the Corona crisis we will open registration not before 1 May , hoping that things are clearer than.
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Invitation of speakers from Africa

We will apply for funding at the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinsschaft (DFG) after 15 February 2020 to invite the maximum possible number of 30 guests from Africa. Please note that not all costs can be covered but only flight and accomodation for 4 nights. So you should have additional funds for visa application, transfers and food etc.…
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Call for Papers from 02/01/20 to 15/03/20

The Call for Papers will be open from 02/01 to 15/03/20 Please see the list of panels and round tables here. If you click on the link under each panel title you can read the full panel text and submit a paper. Everyone who wants to submit a paper has to register first (this is…
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