07.- 11.06



Panel Title


P 01 Political participation and micro-politics in African
Tareq Sydiq
P 05 Lifeworlds in Crisis: challenging notions of difference


Andrea Behrends      Tyler Zoannin
P 06 Africa Plays: Leisure in Africa


Tom Michael Mboya               Florian Stoll
P 08 Challenging the Rule of Law: The African Laboratory


 Jonas Bens
Leonie Benker
P 09 Beyond the Nobel Prize for Peace - Turmoil and uneasy transformation in the Horn of Africa


Magnus Treiber
Sabine Mohamed
P 10 Unpacking EU-West African migration governance: stakes, actors and colonial continuities


Leonie Jegen
Franzisca Zanker
P 11 Challenging the institutional bias in research on education - multiplicities of learning processes in Africa


Iris Clemens
Erdmute Alber
P 12 Moralities in an entangled world: On studying moral configurations and questions of change Martina Drescher
Eberhard Rothfuß
Eva Spies
P 13 Utopia(n) Challenges in Africa? Grinding Practices, Ethical Controversies


Antje Daniel
Melina C. Kalfelis
P 15 Conceptualising religious infrastructures in Africa


Yanti Hölzchen
Benjamin Kirby
P 16 Dying, death and burial – the ‘challenging’ functions of end-of-life rituals on the African continent


Isabel Bredenbröker
Joh Sarre
P 18 The impact of mobile technologies on social structures in Africa


Tamara Gupper
Roos Keja
P 21 In the shadows of autonomy: Decentralized state structures and local
contexts in Africa
Matthew Sabbi
Lamine Doumbia
P 24 The ‘Anglophone’ Conflict in Cameroon: Causes, Consequences and Conflict Resolution?<
James Kewir Kiven
Gordon Crawford
P 26 Lands of the Future - Futuremaking with Pastoralists in Africa


Echi Christina Gabbert
Günther Schlee
P 27 Governing African mobility: actors, institutions and practices


Johara Berriane
Elieth Eyebiyi
P 28 The social production of veterans in Africa, 20th-21st centuries. Identity processes and political re-mobilization


Camille Evrard
Martin Mourre
Romain Tiquet
P 31 Sustainable investments in Africa: creating synergies of profits, people and planet


Karin Wedig
Matthias Rompel
P 33 Challenges of the future - care for the afterlife in Africa and its diaspora


Sophia Thubauville
Sabine Klocke-Daffa
P 35 Challenges of the revolution: Making, living and keeping the Sudanese revolution


Valerie Hänsch
Mai Azzam
P 36 Adaptation to climate change and demographic Change in Africa: exposure and vulnerability assessments across different scale


Gabriel Tati
P 37 Between Annexation and Appropriation or the Production of the Colonial Space


Ute Hasenöhrl
Nicole Wiederroth
P 39 Seeing like a space: A methodological challenge for African Studies


Susann Ludwig
Julia Büchele
P 41 The marketization of African wildlife encounter in safari tourism, conservation volunteering and trophy hunting


Antje Schlottmann
Olivier Graefe
P 42 Challenging Notions of Education and Knowing: Islamic Practices of Teaching and Learning across Africa


Anna Madeleine Ayeh
P 44 An African perspective on associations and the bureaucratization process


Laure Carbonnel
Kamina Diallo
P 45 The challenge of misunderstandings in long-distance interconnections: Encounters, exchange and disparities in African history


Susann Baller
Amadou Dramé
P 46 Post-truth” politics: Potentials and challenges for African studie


Joschka Philipps
P 47 Transnational anticolonial spaces: challenges to nationalism


Dmitri van den Bersselaar
Ngozi Edeagu
P 50 Writing a novel, or writing Africa? Recent fiction by writers from Africa and the challenge of addressing problems in African societies without reproducing hegemonic stereotypes about the continent Anja Oed
P 51 Critical Reflections on Knowledge Production and Representation in African Studies


Alzbeta Sváblová
Diana B. Kisakye
Serawit B. Debele
P 52 African Universities or Universities in Africa


Akiiki Babyesiza
Susanne Ress
P 53 What does it take to decolonize the VAD (Association of Africanists in Germany)?


Hans Peter Hahn
Abimbola O. Adesoji
P 54 Opportunities and Challenges of Cooperative Provenance Research


Lars Müller
Round Tables:
RT 01 Germany and the Rwandan genocide: New evidence from the German Foreign Office’s archives


Sarah Brockmeier Anton Peez Antonia Witt
RT 02 Providing Nuanced, Yet Coherent Assessments? Challenges for Social Science Research on Africa   Julia Grauvogel
RT 03 Futures Lost, Found, and Restituted: Archives, Curatorship and the Politics of Audiovisual Heritage
in Africa
Vinzenz Hediger
RT 04 Forschungsfinanzierung in Afrika:Förderorganisationen und VAD - Ein neuer Dialog ?


Stefan Skupien
RT 05 Social Security Coverage and Informal Employment - Implications of new Survey Data from
four African Countries
Friedrich-Ebert- Stiftung
RT 07 La Crise Etatique  au Burkina Faso et au Mali Helmut Asche