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Challenges of the revolution: Making, living and keeping the Sudanese revolution

Valerie Hänsch, Institute of Social and Cultural Anthropology, LMU Munich
Mai Azzam, Bayreuth International Graduate School of African Studies, University of


Short abstract:

In this panel, we explore the ways in which the Sudanese revolution and its quest for change is kept ongoing by various actors in both everyday life and political actions across the country.

Long abstract:

The fall of long-term President Omar al-Bashir in April 2019 is a crucial moment in the
history of contemporary Sudan. Previous demonstrations during the last decade, continuous efforts of civil society groups and activists have, amongst others, paved the way for the Sudanese revolution. As a transformative event and turning point, the overthrow of the authoritarian regime opens up new grounds and possibilities but also poses major challenges to Sudanese citizens, namely the transformation of social orders, political structures, norms and social practices initiated by the recent popular uprising. The struggle for change and alternative futures remains fragile, highly contested, and uncertain. In this panel, we ask about the process of realising the revolution, the past and present efforts of living its hopes, keeping its aspirations and guarding its successes reached so far. How do citizens, various political actors, old or newly formed civil society groups, and activists keep the revolution going both in everyday practices and in organised actions and political practices, e.g. how is the change of lifestyles/norms enacted and organised or how is the “deep state” dissolved?

The panel invites empirically and/or historically grounded discussions from different disciplinary perspectives that address the question of ways of living and keeping the revolution practised in Sudanese cities as well as villages. Reflections on various societal realms are welcome, e.g. gender practices, media, religion, citizenship rights, art and politics.


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