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Transportation from Frankfurt main train station, Hauptwache and Bockenheim to Campus Westend, Goethe University

From the campus or from your hotel, the public transportation system provides the best means of transit through the city. Single tickets are valid for one trip, beginning immediately upon purchase, and can be obtained either from a ticket machine or from the bus driver and also via application: https://www.rmv.de/c/en/services/online-services/the-rmv-app/

For shorter trips (up to 2 km), there are special short distance tickets. The valid short-distance destinations are indicated on the route maps at each stop. There are day passes for single persons and group day passes for up to 5 people, valid for an unlimited number of trips on a given day until closing. These are also obtainable from the ticket machines.

  • Prices: Single ticket/Short trip, Frankfurt 2.75 €
  • Single ticket, Frankfurt to airport 5,00 €
  • Day pass, Frankfurt 5,35 €
  • Day pass, Frankfurt and airport 9,75 €
  • Group day pass 11,50 €
  • Group day pass, including airport 16,70 €

Transport to/from Airport

Frankfurt Airport has two railway stations. The long-distance railway station is at the AIRail Terminal, right next to Terminal 1. Trains arrive at and depart from plat­forms 4 to 7.

The airport's station for short distances is located in the ground floor of the airport below terminal 1. From here you can reach the areas A, B, and C of the arrivals area. Please follow the signs towards Airport City Mall/Regionalbahnhof.

Trains that run regularly between Frankfurt Airport and downtown Frankfurt are the S8, S9 and RE2 and RE3. All trains start from platform 1.

This is how you get there:

From the platform (Level 0, Area B) go one floor higher up, following signs to Ter­minal 2. When in Area B or C, get on a free Shuttle Bus to Terminal 2. The service runs 5.30 am to 11.30 pm. Alternatively, follow signs to the SkyLine in Hall B. This service to Terminal 2 runs at 2-minute intervals.

Transfer time to town hotels is about 20 min. A taxi to one of the hotels will cost you about 40 Euro.

How to get to the Conference with Public Transportation

 From the Main Train Station and Hauptwache

The fastest way from the main train station to the Campus Westend: Bus 64

The bus stop is also located where the trams depart, directly in front of the main entrance of the main station. Here you take the bus 64 direction Ginnheim. After 5 stops you leave the bus at the bus stop Bremer Platz. From there you can already see the IG Farbenhaus of Goethe University. The conference will take place higher up in the casino building. To get there, go through the foyer of the university, continue through the cafeteria and the garden area behind the building, and ascend the stairs to the casino building.

From the Main Train Station via Hauptwache

From Frankfurt’s main train station, take one of the commuter trains (S-Bahn) to­wards downtown (indicated as “City”). You can take any of the commuter trains leaving from platform 101 or 102. After two stops, get off at Hauptwache and take subway (U-Bahn) 1, 2, or 3 towards Oberursel, Gonzenheim or Ginnheim. Signs on the platform indicate the way from the commuter train to the subway. Get off subway line 1, 2, or 3 at Holzhausenstraße. Take the escalator up and towards the staircase exit on the left.

Once you have left the station, turn away from the large street (Escherheimer Landstraße) and turn into the smaller one (Holzhau­senstraße). Here you can either take bus 36 towards Ostbahnhof two stops to the University Westend Campus, or you can adventure the rest by foot. For this, continue along the Holzhausenstraße and turn right into the Hansaallee. Cross over here to the left side of the street. Continue along the street until you come to the large intersection, which you can cross with the help of the pedestrian lights.

Now you are already at the university parking lot. In order to get to the universi­ty grounds themselves, cross the parking lot and enter the doorway next to the small gatehouse. In front of you is the annex building. Pass the annex building, turn right and right again and follow the paved way. You find yourself before the garden area behind the main building. Here is also the casino building, in which the conference will take place.

Another way of reaching the Campus is to take bus 64 from the main train station and to get off at Bremer Platz, just around the corner from Campus Westend.

Because of the multiple connections with Subway and tramway you will hardly loose 10 minutes during the whole day and the evenings. During the day, there is almost no waiting time at all.

 From Bockenheim

In Bockenheim you can take bus 36 towards Hainer Weg directly from the Bo­ckenheimer Watchtower (Bockenheimer Warte), across from the university library, to the bus stop Campus Westend. According to the bus schedule, the trip takes approximately 13 minutes. When you exit the bus, you will see the main entrance to the university building on the left. The conference will take place higher up in the casino building. To get there, go through the foyer of the university, continue through the cafeteria and the garden area behind the building, and ascend the stairs to the casino building.


Campus Westend Google Earth


You can also easily walk from Bockenheim to the Campus in 20 minutes:

Bockenheimer Warte to Campus Westend


Information about transport plans

By car from the main station

Depending on your starting point, you will come to the intersection of Mainzer Landstraße/Düsseldorfer Straße (this is the road that passes the main entrance to the station). At this intersection, if you have the main station behind you, turn right, in a north-easterly direction. Stay on this road the whole time, drive straight ahead, pass Taunusanlage and also pass the old opera house. The street changes its name from Mainzer Landstraße to Reuterweg, but you continue straight on.

At the crossroads at Reuterplatz, turn left into Fürstenberger Straße and drive past the Goethe University building. At the end of Campus Westend you can turn right into the university parking lot.

You can use the parking space of the university. Please tell the porter at Fürsten­berger Str. that you want to visit the conference.

Note: To use the university parking lot, it is essential that you give us your license plate number and name at least three days in advance so that we can issue a parking permit. It is not possible to enter the parking lot without prior permission. Parking space in the surrounding quarter is extremely limited.

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