07.- 11.06.

Call for Papers from 02/01/20 to 15/03/20

The Call for Papers will be open from 02/01 to 15/03/20

Please see the list of panels and round tables here.

If you click on the link under each panel title you can read the full panel text and submit a paper. Everyone who wants to submit a paper has to register first (this is of course not the official conference registration which will start in April 20) and then you can insert not more than 500 words of text.

No PDF upload, just 500 words of plain text.  If you are registered you can edit or withdraw your papers anytime. You will get an email notification after submission – if not, please contact the organizers.  Only one paper per person will be allowed. To make things absolutely clear: you can have three different roles: you can be a convenor, a discussant and submit a paper. But you cannot execute two times the same function (like 2 papers or be discussant in 2 panels).  The standard format is a 15 minute presentation plus discussion time.

The panel convenors decide about the acceptance of papers on 15 March latest and will inform you directly.

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