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Berghahn Books are pleased to have a virtual presence at the African Studies Association in Germany (VAD) Conference 7th to 11th June, 2021. Please stop by our virtual booth and explore our VAD offerings here: https://www.berghahnbooks.com/vadTo celebrate VAD, we are offering a 35% discount on all African Studies titles until June 30th, 2021: Use discount code VAD2021 on print and eBooks ordered through our website.

The Frobenius Institute for Research Cultural Anthropology at the Goethe University Frankfurt am Main is one of the most important research institutes for social and cultural anthropology in the German-speaking world. It sees its tasks in expanding cultural anthropological knowledge and promoting a reflective approach to cultural difference through scientific dialogue. To achieve these goals, the Frobenius Institute regularly conducts field research worldwide, processes and expands its extensive archives and collections, publishes scholarly findings through its own series and the journal Paideuma, promotes informed reflection on the history of the discipline, and curates international exhibitions on a variety of topics.Link to the Institute Introduction:

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The publishing house Reimer Verlag was founded in 1845. Ethnology, African Studies and Linguistics are part of its multifaceted program. Among others Reimer publishes the Studien zur Kulturkunde in cooperation with the Frobenius Institute and Oswin Köhler’s multi-volume edition The World of the Khwe Bushmen in Southern Africa. A self-portrait in their own language. Moreover, since 1910 the Reimer Verlag brought out the journal Afrika und Übersee (in future Open Access). Concerning Africa and its languages, the relevant series is Sprache und Oralität in Afrika, featuring lexicogrammars and specialized dictionaries. Furthermore, many other backlist-titles are available.


The publishing house

Frobenius Institute

Studien zur Kulturkunde, issue 135

The World of the Khwe Bushmen in Southern Africa, vol. 4.1

Afrika und Übersee, issue 92

Afrika und Übersee (Open Access)

Sprache und Oralität in Afrika, issue 29

Namibia Resource Centre – Southern Africa Library
Klosterberg 21
PO Box
4001 Basel

Email address: publishing@baslerafrika.ch

Telephone: +41 61 228 93 33

Website: https://baslerafrika.ch/shop/bookshop/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/baslerafrika

The BAB Publishing House has been publishing scholarly works on Southern Africa, especially Namibia, since 1971. Its thematic emphases are oriented towards the humanities and social sciences. The BAB Publishing House seeks to promote cultural exchange and engagement regarding important contemporary historical issues and, in particular, to provide African scholars with a platform. Our (cultural-) historical, political and anthropological publications are aimed at international academic audiences as well as engaged readers broadly interested in Africa.


Founded in 1683, Brill is a publishing house with a rich history and a strong international focus. Brill’s African Studies program publishes reference works, books and journals in a wide range of subjects - from history, archeology, art and culture, to linguistics and social-political studies. Highlights include the bio-bibliography Arabic Literature of Africa Online and the Africa Yearbook series. Notable new additions to the program include the Africa Futures / Afrique Futurs series and the journals Afrika Focus, Utafiti and The African Review.

You may profit from a 25% discount on titles specially selected for the 2021 VAD Africa Challenges conference. Download our booklist for more information and conditions.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss your current or new project, feel free to get in touch with our Editors Joed Elich and Franca de Kort.


transcript is one of the leading independent academic publishers in Europe. Since our beginnings in the late 1990s, we have published widely in the field of African studies as part of our global, cultural, and postcolonial studies, political and social sciences, as well as cultural anthropology, geography and history programs. We release about 500 new German- and English-language titles every year. Our backlist catalog includes more than 4,000 titles in print and digital formats.

Websites: https://www.transcript-verlag.de and: https://www.transcript-publishing.com Books Preview: https://www.transcript-verlag.de/vorschau
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/transcriptverlag.de
Twitter: https://twitter.com/transcriptweb

A Selection of our African Studies Books 2020/2021


The publisher trades under the name Nomos Verlag since 1964 and counts as one of the leading academic publishers in the fields of Law, Social Sciences and Humanities throughout the German-speaking world. Every year Nomos publishes more than 850 books and over 50 journals. Almost all of them are accessible online. Although being part of the Beck Group since 2002, Nomos has maintained to be an independent publisher and cooperates successfully with many publishers in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the UK and other countries.

Nomos is one of the few publishers offering a wide range of academic books and journals that ensures a cross-disciplinary display of current topics. Since 2009 Nomos took over several smaller publishers with a focus on Social Sciences and Humanities. The first of these was the “Verlag Reinhard Fischer” in 2009 – which has been continued as the series “Edition Reinhard Fischer”. Since 2015 “Edition Sigma” is part of Nomos as an imprint – just as the further acquisitions “Tectum Verlag”, “Ergon Verlag” (both 2017) and “Academia Verlag” (2018).


If you have any questions about the publishing programme or if you would like to talk about a publication project, our editor Beate Bernstein will be happy to help.

[kula Verlag]

We at the kula Verlag are enthusiastic about ethnological and cultural studies knowledge. We are publishing some few titles every year since 2014 in order to bring this knowledge to the specialist community and the general public. To give our authors the best possible support in the process of publication is very important to us.

Please visit us on our website www.kulaverlag.de or write to us.

Kind regards and we wish an exciting conference to all of you,
Edgar Bönisch
(Publisher and ethnologist)

kula Verlag Dr. Edgar Bönisch, Schenkendorfstr. 28, 60431 Frankfurt am Main, Germany www.kulaverlag.de, boenisch@kulaverlag.de

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