07.- 11.06.


How to access the panel sessions

Go to the specific panel description, either by Program Panels by Number or > Panels by Date, then click on the Zoom Room. If you know the time details and the Zoom Room number, you can also directly enter the Zoom Room via the page > Rooms.


You can only attend the sessions if you are registered. It's free !


How to bookmark a session in your private timetable > My Timetable

You can bookmark panels and save them in your own personalized timetable.

Next to each Panel (either sorted by panel number or by Weekday in the tab Program) you can find the Button Bookmark session. Just click on Bookmark session and add all the great panels you wish to visit to your bookmarks. They will immediately appear in My Timetable. Your personal schedule can be printed or added to your google calendar.

After bookmarking your desired panel, you can either choose more (just click: Add more panels), review them in and delete them by clicking the red cross.

You can also find a Shopping basket Icon at the bottom right on your screen. There you can also review your panels and delete them.

If you want to find a specific panel, topic, or convenor you can use the full text search located at the top of the page (lens symbol), or under the tab Program (Panels by Number or Panels by Date).


How to meet people 

On the page Rooms  you find the Icons to join the the-coffee-break-Wonder Room or the meeting rooms via Zoom. Also, each panel has its own breakout room during the whole day of its scheduled date.


How to use Zoom

We use Zoom for the Panels but also for working meetings. Additionally, each day the panels of the day will have their own breakout room labelled accordingly to their panels. Participants of that panel can meet before or after the panel there, or the discussion can be continued with guests. The panel convenor has the right to restrict access. Please do not enter the panel breakout rooms without invitation to do so.

There are five more "free" breakout rooms (Meeting Room 1-5) each day where anybody can make appointments or meet people spontaneously ("hey, let's meet in meeting room 4 in 10 minutes"). If the room is occupied try another one. If you need a private space for a meeting contact us and we will arrange that as well.

Please note that this Zoom Room is only designated for use of the breakout rooms which you can enter and leave freely. It is essential that you have the newest version of the Zoom App installed to use this function.

A detailed introduction about Zoom can be found at their own Help Center, to access click here.




How to use Wonder

To join the Wonder room, a browser-based application, just click on the icon under Rooms. Wonder offers a simple break room as if you were standing at a bar table during coffee break. You will enter automatically and have to enter a name and make a screenshot of yours, to create your avatar. You can navigate to by clicking and holding your mouse and navigating it to the person or group you want to interact with.  Once you are close to another person a video conference will start with that person. You can also build a secured group which hinders anybody else to enter your private video conversation.

Please use, if possible, the Chrome browser and not FireFox.

For a 5-Minute Introduction, click here. For more information, click here.



If you are not yet a member, consider joining the VAD. The membership fee is €40 per year. You'll get to take advantage of our valuable member benefits throughout the year.  Membership includes a subscription to the publication “Africa Spectrum”. Each member is eligible to vote during the VAD’s general assemblies. Participate in shaping the future of African Studies in Germany! Please find more information and the membership application form here: http://vad-ev.de/ueberuns/mitgliedschaft/



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