07.- 11.06.

VAD 2020/21

Watch the video of Nanjala Nyabola's Keynote here

Africa challenges is a conference of the African Studies Association in Germany (VAD e.V.) organized by  the Centre for Interdisciplinary African Studies (ZIAF) at Goethe-University.

How this conference works:

  • If you want to attend the sessions or watch the films you have to register, even if you just want to attend a single session.


  • Only registered users can click the links to the Zoom Rooms which you can find either in the panel descriptions in the menu Program or directly under the menu Rooms
  • This means: there are no individual Zoom links for each session but you get access to a permanent Zoom Room. The link to these rooms will only be activated on 7 June. Only if you are logged in you can click the activated link to the room.
  • Same applies to the film program: everyone has the same informations under the menu Program but only if you are logged in as a registered user you can click the links to the films which will be active from 7 June onwards.

To cut a long story short: please register and make sure you note your password. Your username has to be one word containing letters and figures only.

Please note that everybody has to register again even if you have done so before in 2020. You can use your old login data but are than asked to complete the registration.

Registration will stay open throughout the conference


Booklets online

Below and on this page you can download two versions of the conference program. The short version includes all events, all panels, the film program and all publishers information. The long version co...

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Opening ceremony: room change

Please note that the opening ceremony will take place in the Great Auditorium (not Zoom Room 1) as this event will take place in form of a Zoom Webinar.  

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Registration, username: trouble shooting

If you encounter problems during registration the main issue here is that you probably tried to create a username which consists of several words containing blank spaces or symbols. IMPOPRTANT: Do NOT...

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